Mack (She, Her)

Im Mack Kelly. I grew up in the bay area, love space/aliens, funny animals, creating stuff, glitter and watching true crime TV with my pug, Rosco.

I started my apprenticeship in 2015 and enjoy bold neo traditional, surrealism and tend to go more towards an illustrative style. I enjoy doing full color, coverups, freehanding tattoo designs, blackwork and have many pre drawn pieces for sale or can draw a custom piece for you (full color, large scale fancy script, pinups/lady faces, botanicals that are imaginative or realistic, neotrad animals/nature, anything that is cute, sexy, scary or just anything weird or oddities related).

To Book: Message on Instagram or please email 

-With inquiries and put the following information:

-A brief description of your tattoo idea(s), placement on the body, rough estimate in size, in inches, if you’d like color or blackwork, and any photo references you’d like to send.