How Do I Heal My Tattoo?

After a tattoo, it is necessary to take care of the skin because it is a wound. It involves three basic elements:

Contact your tattoo artist or doctor if you have problems with the healing process.

Day 1

The first day after getting a tattoo is crucial. Because it is the time when the skin starts the healing process. Your tattoo artist will apply the antibacterial ointment and wrap your tattoo in plastic or gauze to protect it from dirt and bacteria. Here are some steps in skincare:

During the first day, you may see a small amount of blood, plasma, and ink that appears periodically on the tattoo. Also, tattooed skin can be swelled and red. Don't be alarmed. It is normal! Just follow the instructions for follow-up care.

Days 2-7

The tattoo will continue to ooze and seep on days two through seven. Keep it clean! 

By day seven, your tattoo will likely be starting to peel and flake off, similar to a sunburn, which is entirely normal. The peeling should stop within two weeks. 

Days 8-14

During this time, you must moisturize the tattooed area as the peeling continues.

Day 15-30

The tattoo almost heals, but keeping it clean and moisturized is still essential. 


How long should I wait for a response from an Artist/ Studio?

We try to get back to everyone as soon as we can, however Artists here handle their own booking, and the studio receptionist can only assist you in getting in contact. You may receive a response in 2-5 days. If longer or no response, please message again or reach out to a different artist at the studio.